Saturday, 20 February 2010

Big Charlie RIP

Guy in Seat Ten: Have you seen Charlie lately?

Floorman: Charlie...?

Seat Ten: You know... Charlie... Big Charlie...

Floorman: Oh, Big Charlie...

Seat Ten: Is he still alive?

: Nooooo, he died a long time ago. Let me see. I won that tournament in Hayward in 87 and he died a little bit after that. Probably before this kid (gestures to me) was born.

Me: Well I think I can safely say I didn't play against him.

Seat Ten: ...(pause for contemplation) Do you remember his wife?

Floorman: Oh his wife! She was a real piece of work.

Seat Ten: Small but vicious.

Floorman: You're telling me... She had a problem with the drink.

Seat Ten: *nods*

Floorman: We had to bar her in the end. One time she got so crazy at a Blackjack table that we had to move the whole table to carry on the game. She was just screaming and wouldn't leave her seat. We let her back in eventually though of course, though I think we barred her a second time. If I recall correctly, she attacked a dealer.

Seat Ten: *laughs* Doesn't surprise me.

Floorman: She was really something.

Seat Ten: Yeah. (wistful expression) Well I guess I knew I hadn't seen Charlie in a while. 23 years... Hell of a player.

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