Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I knew the way to San Jose

There's probably a few more San Francisco stories left to tell but I'm on the road south now.

I spent a few days staying with Aubin in San Jose. Aubin was a true gent and let me sleep on his couch for three days and borrow his legendary Star Wars blanket. He took me out for sushi which was wonderful. I've never much been a man for sushi - but maybe I've been converted? I also tried a California Roll which is all the ingredients for sushi but just put together in the wrong order. Probably a work experience kid did it by accident and began a culinary phenomenon. Who knows?!

We went to see the Batman film which I enjoyed a lot, despite being pretty cynical about it beforehand. Of course, I especially loved the scenes with Michael Caine in.

I also met Valerie, a super cool goth girl who lives in nearby Campbell with very cute pet house bunnies. Some people may know that I've never been a huge fan of Bauhaus, but Valerie played me Pete Murphy (singer of Bauhaus)'s greatest hits and shockingly I quite enjoyed it! So I shall have to download myself a copy and see if I am really going crazy.

Aubin and I also went to a sports bar. After getting chatting about footy to the Mexican bartender, he switched the channel to Gol TV to watch some football and what a discovery we were about to make. Languishing on this obscure satellite channel is one of the greatest commentators I've ever heard - Ray Hudson.

Ray is what can only be described as a Geordie gibberish machine. Equal parts Sid Waddell, Lawro and Big Ron - His in game commentary and analysis repeatedly had me laughing out loud and spitting beer everywhere.

Here's some choice Hudson quotes:
"He's like a squirrel on a telephone wire"
"He's got class coming out of his earholes
"Tears like pineapple chunks
"He's braver than a matador in high heels and a pink tutu
And when Luca Toni scored - "And it's not hasta la vista, it's hasta la pasta"

Watch some classic Ray Hudson

The man is clearly a genius.

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