Saturday, 30 August 2008

Dog day afternoon in the Haight

A few weird things have happened whilst I have been in San Francisco - This is perhaps to be expected.

Firstly a few days ago, I saw a dog get run over right in front of me as I was standing at a bus stop. Fortunately the dog seemed pretty fine and unscathed, but it looked quite bad at the time and I did fear the worst when it happened. I was chatting to this guy at the bus stop and out of the corner of my eye I could see what might be about to happen. There was a man walking the dog without a lead and in the US you can turn right even if the lights are on red as long as there are no pedestrians. Well the man and his dog approached the intersection (as we call it over here!) and a car also approached and yeah you know what happened next, I won't describe it.

Straight away me and the guy who I was at the bus stop with ran over. Instinctively I ran over to the dog and he seemed ok - he had definitely been hit but he bounded away from the taxi cab and didn't really seemed marked. I was relieved.

The owner it seemed was in a far worse state. He climbed up on to the bonnet of the car and was splayed out on there banging on the windscreen shouting "YOU RAN OVER MY DOG, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU RAN OVER MY DOG" - This continued for several minutes. Strangely at no point did he actually look at the welfare of the dog.

Now the problem I had was what should I do? Should I call an emergency service? None of them really seemed to fit the situation of a runover but seemingly OK dog.

Again fortunately, a cop car drove past and seeing a man lying on top of a car screaming, decided to come and investigate.

After one last ruffle of the fur of the dog, I decided that there was nothing more I could do and went on my way to the gig I was en route to - (It was !!! and they were great).

I really wanted to give my details to the owner so he could let me know how the dog was doing, but he wasn't in any real condition for coherent thought.

I hope the dog was OK.

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